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About Us

Barry BaileyBarry Bailey is the consummate sales professional with solid experience in field sales, including major account sales, sales management, business development and marketing management. He has worked with or for major corporations to help them sell better and increase margins and revenues, resulting in increased shareholder value. 

Barry served as a campus president for three colleges and has developed a reputation for compliance, sustained growth and helping both students and employees reach success!

"The ability to get everyone involved and participation was extremely helpful."

S. Roosken -
West Associates

Barry has taught management and marketing for two universities, and has over 20 years experience working in telecommunications, high tech and most recently managing for profit colleges.  He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco, and a MBA from the University of Redlands.

On the personal side, Barry has a Black Belt in martial arts, enjoys the outdoors, and resides in San Antonio, Texas with his wife. 

"Your examples were highly entertaining and pertinent to an industry that is primarily focused on sales skills"

R. Y.

Barry Bailey provides consulting and training services to help organizations increase shareholder value! The company works with executive management to establish areas for improvement. Many programs are custom designed and all are targeted to meet the needs of the client. Most of his work is in sales, sales management and customer service.

His programs include:

  • ProSale: Principles of Professional Selling
    (one, two and three day versions)
  • Tips, Tools and Treasures for Career Success!
    (one day program)
  • Presenting Yourself Professionally!
    (one, two and three day versions)
  • Profiting from Customer Service
    (one day program)
  • Train-the-Trainer Program
  • Coaching and mentoring programs

All of Barry's programs are highly interactive and hold the interest of the audience. He is masterful at helping sales and customer service personnel understand how planning helps to guide the customer to a positive experience.

Participants learn that the quality of the questions, dictates the clarity of the answers! They walk away with the idea that passion and persistence is one of the most powerful forces in business. Each of the participants in his programs will gain an understanding of the process and learn the skills to complete the stated goals.

Customer Testimonials

The following is a small listing of participants in our workshops and training sessions:

Ted, High-tech company:
"Great engagement of the class & presentation. Looking forward to the other modules"

Stella, High-Tech company:
"Presentation was very well given"

Heather, Hi-Tech company:
"This class was extremely helpful & useful, and well definitely be put to daily use in my job. The instructor was very effective and open to thoughts and ideas from the group".

Mary Ann, Computer Company:
"I learned a lot during this class. There were issues that were talked about that I have never experienced. By listening to this, I was able to learn and improve my chances on making my customers happy if I am ever in that situation".

Colby Ann, Computer Company:
"This course has strengthened me in my day to day job. It has revised and confirmed my interactions with my customers. Every day when I get on the phone with a customer, I can honesly smile!"

Tracy, Computer Company:
"I think this is a great course. Instructor well educated and not boring!!"

Tamela, High-Tech company:
"One of the best classes I have taken in a very long time! Manager should have taken this class."

Kristopher, Computer company:
"...very applicable to my job. Should offer this to new employees on a regular basis!"

Tommy, High-Tech company:
"The course is going to help me become more of a people person, not just on the job but also outside of work."


More Comments from Attendees

Barry's appearances on television have helped people to better understand the mechanics of sales and helped to improve their skills. He donates time to the community and is active in his church by teaching a popular single adult Sunday school class. To better understand how Barry impacts his clients, please review the following information:

"This is a wonderful training program which helped me develop and grow. I can go back to work now and improve my performance and hopefully please more customers!"

R. G. - Fiddletown, California

"Program is thorough and informative, wish we could participate in the longer version. He related to a lot of things with personal stories"

S. L. - Placerville, California

What did you like best about the program? "Interactive process and class participation" D. Rule - Jamestown, California "Barry was sincere in wanting us to succeed."

M. J. - Sonora, California

"Barry presented the information in a clear and concise manner while keeping the presentation fun and upbeat!"

S. P. - Jamestown, California

"A lot can be learned from Barry's knowledge and his willingness to share" and "to expand the minds of sales people"

K. M. - Austin, Texas

"Your presentations are fabulous! Great job all the way around!"

S. R. - Austin, Texas

"Gave new strategies in sales techniques that I have never thought of before. Out of the many sales seminars, this gave the most information in the least amount of time."

M. M. - Placerville, California

"His enthusiasm is infectious" "No longer crumble under price pressure, if I give it away, I get something in return."

S. L. - Placerville, California

"Teaches you how to increase revenues and not crumble under price pressure"

A. Shaw - Sonora, California

"I went into this program expecting it to be a waist of time but totally enjoyed the program and took several great thoughts back to work with me. He is a great presenter. Keeps you interested"

K. B. - Sonora, California

"Barry has the ability to zero in on basic sales/concepts and turn them into practical applications"

A. S. - South Lake Tahoe, California

"Today real stuff on the how's and why's of customer service!"

R. G. - Austin, Texas

"The program was very interactive. We all participated. It kept us all involved and having fun. Thank you! I really enjoyed the level of interest Barry had. He really preached what he taught. It was nice to have an active part in the training"

D. M. - Soulsbyville, California

"Great class! Very educational and easy to understand. I enjoy when information is presented with humor. The information was also presented in a relaxed and easy to relate to, which makes it easy to remember"

J. O. - Jamestown, California

"Sales with integrity. Skills for planning, follow-up, sales, personality types and working with the customer."

C. H. - Jamestown, California

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